Millavintage appears from the idea of sharing the beautiful things that represent me and that which may be an inspiration for other women looking for the beauty of life. Milla, a word with Slav origins means #love. The love for the origins and all that has led to the formation of my character and also the history of things all along, led me to think of the Vintage. When you begin to look to the other side, you discover that almost everything we like is discovered from some place. For me the inspiration is born from old things, from the women’s elegance of 20’s-60’s, from their charm and their sensuality through which not revealing too much, they offer intense emotions.

Thus Millavintage was born. It’s a blog about fashion, about fashion and travel photography, about life and the backstage of every woman that is searching for her own self. Millavintage underlines the fashion and adding (modelling, travel, beauty & lifestyle) a few other categories that are part of the fashion itself and showbiz.

Following Millavintage you can discover articles of style and fashion throughout its sections on outfits, reviews, interviews and stories about events that are help exactly in the capital of European fashion, Milan. Fashion shows and tricks seen during photo sessions or even other events, images from beautiful places where I travelled but also different useful things.